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Children's Dental Health

When should your child start going to the dentist?

Parents should bring their child to the dentist at one or two years of age. The dentist will educate the parents on proper dental hygine and how to prevent dental disease. The dentists will evaluate the child for signs of early dental disease or tooth decay.

What can you do to help teething?

The use of chilled teething toys may reduce symptoms from teething.


How can you take care of your child's teeth?

You may brush your child's teeth as soon as they come in with a soft brush. Children's teeth should be brushed in the morning and at bedtime by a caregiver. Ask your doctor or dentist about flouride use.


How can you prevent tooth decay before it starts?

Limit milk, juice or any drinks other than water to mealtime. Never put a baby to bed with a bottle or sippy cup containing anything other than water. Prolonged exposure to milk, juice and diluted juice can cause severe tooth decay. Prolonged sugar exposure feeds bacteria in the mouth releasing acid and resulting in tooth decay.


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